Tridea’s mission is to make analytics and data management accessible to everyone.

Tridea’s focus is developing BisLenz to make it easier for management to leverage information about their business activities and make better decisions based on it.

Tridea was founded in 1995 in connection with university studies. After years of silence, the company has experienced a rebirth to meet the challenges of the digital age.

During the years we were inactive, we have been continuously developing our skills and experiences so that we can deliver our customers an impactful product.

Customer experience and understanding the customer journey are at the core of what Tridea does. Both can be approached through numbers, but a human understanding of the psychology of business and customer relationships is also needed.

Customers play a strong role in our product development. We pay special attention to the feedback received and practise close co-operation with educational institutions in the region along with other companies in the partner network.

BisLenz - data you love

BisLenz is a digital analytics and reporting service built by Tridea that helps businesses and online stores develop the customer experience by bringing all the data they need into one place.

Check out the BisLenz data management software solution on the BisLenz website using the button below.


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