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Why Customer Experience matters?

How low has the price go that you would prefer a service that you know is of low value, compared to the one that is proven to give you a good experience? We as individuals make these decisions every day. Sometimes we prefer just the price, but more often the feeling of having a valuable service and experience beats the difference in price – don´t you agree?

That is why Customer Experience matters.

As we are exhausted of all the marketing communication that surrounds us everywhere, every time, we value even more the recommendations of our friends and colleagues. We even believe more on strangers opinions when choosing a hotel than the advertising jargon of highly paid copywriters and advertising professionals.

That is why Customer Experience matters.

When searching for a product we are overwhelmed of the amount of alternative providers. After some time we realize most of them are offering the exact same products just in a slightly different way. Having spent already a lot of time on this we simply want it done fast and smoothly. If we run into bugs on the website or are confused by the content we choose the one that makes all the little details right.

That is why Customer Experience matters.

Eight out of ten online users report having broblems on a website. They run into bugs, they cant find the information they are seeking or simply get lost trying to finish the transaction. A third of these customers abandon immediately, for good. And a third of these go directly to a competitor.

That is why Customer Experience matters.

Does this sound familiar to your business? Do you actually know what kind of Customer Experience your company provides? A study claims that 80% of CEOs think their companies are providing an excellent customer experience but only 8% of the customers agree.

To succeed in a highly competitive environment companies must focus on long term satisfaction of the customers. Companies must encourage their customers to recommend the company and its services to their peers. If a company is able to create such a positive circle for sure it will succeed, better than the competitors.


Because Customer Experience matters.