See your business through the eyes of the customer

Measuring, developing, and managing the customer experience

Are you making decisions with facts or feelings?

Customer Journey

Website analytics tells you what is going on your website. But do you know what happened before the customer visited your website or what kind of experiences are your customers having? Whether the customer is dreaming about your product or ends up buying it, a successful organization must understand the customer journey from the begging to the end. We provide you with the tools so you can plan your strategy accordingly and meet your customer in the right place at the right time.

Customer Experience

The customer promise must be earned every day. That is why customer experience should be measured systematically and continuously. Customers also provide feedback on many digital channels which can be hard to monitor actively. In addition to measuring and monitoring, it is important to respond to customer feedback. We provide you with the tools to do this effectively across all the channels.

Marketing Effectiveness

What kind of message on what kind of channel works the best? How to optimize campaigns and define the right target group? Managing multiple digital channels can be tedious, which is why we have brought them together so that instead of gathering the information we can spend time analyzing it. Instead of relying on our feelings, we can take a deep dive into the data and facts, and this way, make better marketing decisions.



Data-driven decision-making tool that allows you to develop your business and your company’s customer experience.


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Docendo is a Finnish book publisher that has been a pioneer in exploiting digitalization in the traditional industry.

Arena Interactive

Arena Interactive is a leading digital instant messaging operator with a strong customer base in the media and car trade.

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