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Tridea is one of the founding members of Customer Experience Hub, that was started last month in Jyväskylä, Finland. Customer Experience Hub aims to increase and develop research, education and business within the field of Customer Experience.

Key players of the Customer Experience Hub include University of Jyväskylä, University of Applied Sciences of Jyväskylä and local businesses that understand the importance of customer experience.

Customer Experience Lab is a virtual community that gathers research projects and experimental projects together to share knowledge and experiences within the Hub.

Customer Experience is affecting almost every aspect of business and there is much to discover and learn. New skills and knowledge are needed both into businesses and academia. Cooperation and knowledge sharing are the key drivers that accelerate the development. Centralizing knowledge will multiply the effect in the long run. The aim is to make Jyväskylä region the leading knowledge hub of CX.

As one of the founding members, Tridea is sharing these values and thus willing to contribute to Customer Experience Hub. It also has a lot to give to the society being a forerunner in developing customer experience dashboard and measuring tools.

Currently Tridea is providing thesis projects to several students on various customer experience related topics and helping students to get deeper into the theme with practical assignments.



“Tridea – The Customer Experience Company offers expertise and consultancy to develop, manage and measure Customer Experience. It provides an online Dashboard for business executives with an unique approach to 360 degree Customer Experience. Leave your contact details – we will get back to you shortly.”

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