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Are you making decisions with facts or feelings? Do you know what kind of customer experience you produce at different stages of the customer journey?

Customer experience and knowledge-based management are hot topics and they are strongly connected to each other. A huge amount of books, blogs, and articles have been written about these topics in the last few years. In the end, it is all about systematic and long-term work with the customer’s interest at the center and decisions that are data-driven.

Not only do we offer BisLenz software, but we also provide expert services to support the use of the software and consult our clients on topics such as customer experience and knowledge based-management.


Knowledge based-management development plan

How data-driven decision making and its’ tools can be implemented into your business model? What should you focus on when there are so many opportunities and options? These questions and more will be answered in a workshop learning space. All in all, you will learn how to get the full benefits from knowledge based-management in your current organizational model and available resources.

The plan includes:

    • Stakeholders to be communicated/reported with
    • Content, what is important to each stakeholder and how it should be presented
    • Frequency of how often communicated
    • Tools for communicating with stakeholders
    • Resources on how to do this in practice

Customer Experience Workshop

Gaining a competitive advantage with customer experience

In a half-day workshop session, we discover the possibilities that Customer Experience offers for differentiating your business from the competitors

We create a common vision of the importance of the customer experience and learn how to apply it to your business. In addition, we outline concrete areas for development to create a competitive advantage.

Applying the Blue Ocean Strategy-model we define concrete objectives to guide your development of customer experience.

Customer Experience Development Plan

Create your Customer Experience strategy

How to create and manage your Customer Experience strategy – Customer Experience development plan

Working together with you we identify all the physical and digital touchpoints where you interact with your customers. We define the objectives for customer experience in most essentials touchpoints and how to measure it.

As result, we get an implementation plan and a scheduled roadmap: what do to, how to communicate it with your staff and customers, how to measure and manage your success.

Website Audit

Find out where and why customers struggle with your website

Find out where and why customers struggle with your website and what should be improved – see your business through the eyes of the customer

We analyze your website to discover where your customers struggle. Why they abandon your shopping cart, what makes them confused, what doesn’t work.

You receive a list of recommended improvements to make the customer experience smoother on your website.


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