Measuring Customer Experience – When NPS is not enough

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You get what you measure! Everyone must have heard this saying before. Another quote says it’s impossible to develop something you can’t measure. These both are true. It is possible to run a successful business without these – however then you must be very lucky.

Majority of business executives agree that Customer Experience is a key factor for successful business. Understanding and listening to your customers tells you where you must improve to make them loyal advocates of your business. It also helps you to notice where you have done well and when to reward your staff.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) must be the best-known methodology to measure customer experience. It’s very simple, easy to implement, cheap to run and you can compare your results against thousands of others globally. That’s why it has become extremely popular.

To develop Customer Experience you must understand your customers. That’s where NPS is a good starting point. However, many questions remain unanswered once you want to get deeper in your analysis.

NPS measures the customer experience as a whole. Usually customer experience is series of actions followed by each other in a service process. We can even call it a journey, where the customer is interacting with several touchpoints and finally asked how he felt about them all together.

NPS does not clarify where within the process we did well and where we failed. It only gives the approximate average.

When comparing your results against global averages you must also consider cultural differences. The scale from 0 to 10 is rated differently by people, yet we have the same conclusion for everybody.

Especially when measuring customer experience online we must go beyond NPS and gain deeper understanding on how our customers feel about our service. We need to know what they did on the site, what they saw doing it, how they felt about it and how did our technology platform perform at that certain moment of time.

Most of the data needed we get from different online analytics tools, but to understand how our customers felt, we must use the so called traditional ways of questionnaires. Here NPS is included, yet it is not enough.

We need to understand how easy or convenient it has been for our customer to communicate and interact with us. To do so, we can use Customer Effort Score (CES) method. This combined with NPS gives us far better understanding how our customers perceived our online service.

If we run an online shop we might want to understand how easy it was to find our site, how easy it was to find the best product and how easy the buying process was as a whole.


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