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Docendo is a Finnish book publisher that has been a pioneer in exploiting digitalization in the traditional industry. The first online store was introduced in the last century and Docendo was also among the first to use digital analytics to develop its operations. Bislenz has been a tool for Docendo for a long time and Docendo has had a big part in developing its features.



Onerva Hoiva develops a communication solution for home care and service housing, where relatives can easily communicate with their loved ones. Onerva Hoiva has utilized BisLenz in monitoring and analyzing digital marketing. For Onerva Hoiva Twitter has been a very successful channel for customer acquisition and BisLenz has helped them to see this more clearly. With this realization, they have been made their marketing more effective.


Visit Finland Academy

Visit Finland Academy is a network of trainers in the tourism industry that operates under Business Finland. There is an active communication and cooperation between the members of the network. The trainings are organized by the tourist areas and before the training they want to map the starting level of the participating companies. BisLenz has offered customized query and reporting functions that match the needs of the whole network.


Arctic Circle Development

Arctic Circle Development operates many different services such as restaurant, gift shop, goat reception, and much more in Rovaniemi, the hometown of Santa. Most of the customers are international visitors so the role of digital communications is significant. BisLenz is used to monitor the websites held by the company and Tridea has helped define knowledge-based management practices to analyze BisLenz reports.


Arena Interactive

Arena Interactive is a leading digital instant messaging operator with a strong customer base in the media and car trade. The role of digital communications in the B2B business is also growing and that is why Arena Interactive has wanted to better understand how its operations succeed in different channels. BisLenz has brought this an easy way to track and report on marketing activities.

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