Santa Claus Goes Digital

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As everyone should know, the one and only real Santa Claus comes from Finland. Rovaniemi is the official city of Santa Claus. At Arctic Circle, 10 minutes from the city is where Santa Claus Holiday Village welcomes everyone with the spirit of Christmas.

Half a million visitors meet with Santa Claus every year, yet many more are not able to do the travel. That is why Santa Claus wants to go digital and be available 24/7 all around the world.

Tridea is involved in the development of Santa’s digital presence together with FlowHouse. The company behind the services at Arctic Circle is Napapiirin Kehitys Oy that operates a restaurant, a gift shop and various kinds of activities such as Husky and Reindeer safaris or day trips to Ranua zoo. Of course not to forgetting the Santa Claus himself that you can meet every day of the year.

Safaris can now be bought online as well as Greeting Cards from Santa that will be mailed to your address before Christmas. Children can search the spirit of Christmas with their mobiles by playing Elf School that is available in App stores. More digital services will follow.

Tridea is providing Bislenz Customer Experience and Knowledge management tool for monitoring Santa’s digital business. Santa will be visible and active in various digital channels and Bislenz provides a single view covering them all, thus saving time and effort. The effort can then be focused on understanding the data, gaining insights and developing the business itself.

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