Success Recipe For Customer Experience

a middle-aged man running on the road to the success


What does Customer Experience have in common with the health of a middle-aged man?

Well – we all know how important it is. We all know basically what to do to keep it in good shape. But for most of us it is difficult to follow the instructions day after day, week after week. Yet we know how valuable it would be, and not even such a big trouble, but still.

Too often we don’t recognize the silent signals. It’s only when something more dramatic happens, when we start to pay attention to what we have done recently. It’s either big pain in our body or extremely angry customer that makes us wake up and start analysing the way we live or treat our customers.

As we should visit our doctor regularly, so should we also examine our organization. Are we delivering as we promised, do we keep our customers happy?

Other similarities include that many of us like to set goals and start different projects to improve our health or business. It can be a certain diet or a marathon running. In business we set up task forces, buy consultants to help us plan for better future. But so often, when the diet is done, we go back to the way we did before. When consultants move forward to the next organization we go back to where we were before. Change, if there is any, will only last for a short time and we are soon back to where we started from.

Numerous research both in medicine and in business tell us how to nurture our body or business in sustainable way. We should only follow those principles to succeed. In business there are some steps that can be adopted from medicine to better understand what to do.


First get a health check. You need an objective opinion on your business. What works fine, where do you need to improve? Is your website providing the information that makes your customers want to buy from you?

Second you must think long term. Changes will not happen overnight but require patience.

Third you need to measure your performance to see the change and to make sure you have chosen the right direction.

Fourth your change must happen in small steps. Any change for better is valuable as long as it will last. Diets or projects are not worthy if you go back after. But even a small step is vital if it stays.

Fifth and last keep going, don’t give up. The reward will come to those who are patient.


Any organization can provide great Customer Experience. No rocket science is required, just common sense and passion to do so. As we should be passionate about our personal health, the same way we should care about our business and customers. When doing so, nothing can stop us from succeeding.


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