How we do it 


Our mission is to make analytics part of every day! We want to make the measurement, development, and management of the customer experience visible.

We want to understand not only your company but also your customers and will support you to fulfill their expectations. Our aim is to see and create business through the eyes of customers.

What is important to us


Happy people make excellent results. There is a strong correlation between employer satisfaction and customer satisfaction. We care for our people and for our customers. 

Relax! Everything works out eventually. Sometimes it needs more time and effort but still would be better to do it with a smile on our face.

Let’s keep it simple. Simplicity is the key to understanding and time efficiency.  

Trust and transparency. – We keep our promises and share it openly with you. 

We succeed together. We are nothing without our customers and we remember that every day. 

What we believe in


We believe that with BisLenz, companies can grow their business efficiently and bring analytics into their everyday lives.

Customer Experience will become essential for the success of every business. Globalization and digitalization effects on every industry making competition harder.

Customer Experience will become a key differentiator between those who succeed and those who don’t.

Tridea helps businesses to create winning Customer Experience strategies in a multichannel environment by bringing a unique understanding of Customer Experience across channels.  


“The team is a blend of experience and fresh ideas committed to understanding customer, creating valuable insights and concrete action plans to make better business. We combine business knowledge, technical expertise and usability excellence from the customers perspective – to help you see your business throught the eyes of the customer.”
Marko Filenius
Founder and CEO


Marko has experience on digital business since the early days of Internet – a quarter of a century now.

He has authored two books, consulted dozens of companies, given 100+ presentations and lectures in conferences and trainings about ecommerce, digital business and customer experience.

He was CEO of Fincommerce an ecommerce consultancy, CEO of Arena Partners and Arena Interactive, digital and mobile business development companies owned by Finnish Newspaper companies. He also worked as Managing Consultant at Descom (an IBM partner) responsible for marketing technologies and customer experience. He has also concrete ecommerce expertise as an online bookstore responsible.

Tiia Itkonen
Software Specialist


Tiia has a keen interest in website usability, visuality and web marketing. The more she has been working with the e-commerce projects, the more she has become attracted to the developing of customer experience in the web – and customer experience as a whole. She is fascinated by data analysis. Exploring and gathering all the information and learning how to make use of all the collected data is her passion.

Tiia gets very excited of all the interesting and challenging problems she faces in her work, since she wants to develop herself continually. She has worked many years as a customer service representative and has become very familiar with the aspects of customer experience.

Nowadays she wants to be part of developing companies’ customer experience in order to make sure the customer service is as functional as possible and that customers’ needs are taken care of online as well.

As an employee Tiia is accurate and willing to adapt all the new situations she faces in her work. At Tridea her responsibilities are web analytics and all the technical challenges.

Olli Ruponen
Web Developer


At Tridea, Olli’s expertise is designing and developing web-applications, managing important data for customers and presenting it in a user-friendly interface.

The most interesting aspect for Olli is designing functionality of applications and problem solving.

Since vocational school, Olli has had a keen interest on information and communication technology and is looking to improve his skills while working at Tridea.

Leevi Kukkonen
Web Developer


As one of the newer workers under Tridea, Leevi designs and produces Web-applications on all levels of development, all the way from APIs to user experience. As a Web Developer, it is important for him to produce accessible, visual, and flexible Web-solutions, that change according to the user and the situation at hand.

Among with applications and databases, Leevi enjoys solving visual challenges, which he has solved for years on end along his free time spend on art. Thus you can always count on Leevi for constructive advice on the subject.

Hungry for knowledge, Leevi absorbs information and experience everywhere from his surroundings and prepares for future challenges with focus and care.

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